Selamina EPCA Management Consultancy

Selamina EPCAm has been providing Engineering, Procurement, Construction Management (EPCM) and Physical Asset Management project solutions to vat¡rious industries such as the chemical, oil and gas, food and beverages, pharmaceuticals and industrial minerals and utility industries for more than 15 years.

Unique approach, High-level experience of our team members:

With Selamina EPCAm, you have the ability to mix and match the best equipment (specifically suited to your needs) from different companies instead of using all the equipment offered by the EPC provider. This is one-way Selamina EPCAm tailors each solution to meet your requirements. We always ensure each company’s equipment allows for a mix and match situation without nullifying the guarantees and warranties. In this way, we are able to provide you with truly unique and innovative solutions with no negative consequences.

Our 4 business units; Selamina Project Management, Selamina EPCManagement, Selamina Asset Management, and Selamina Management Consulting. We employ highly-qualified and experienced employees who (in many cases) have dedicated their entire careers to the industries we serve. Most of our teams possess extensive field and operational experience in addition to their engineering expertise. We believe this unique combination of field and engineering experience is what allows Selamina EPCAm to give experience-based smart and cost-effective engineering designs, asset management, and to construct those designs with effectiveness.

Together, Selamina EPCAm’s 4 business units have the in-house capacity to en charge complete projects for industrial facilities from concept design to commissioning with high-level expertise team members.

Selamina Project Management Consulting Team :SELAMINA PROJECT MANAGEMENT MEDIA

    • CAPEX Studies and Risk Management
    • Project management Assistance and  Scope, Time and Budget Studies
    • Quality Performance and Failure Analysis
  • Stakeholder engagement and statutory approval support
  • Procurement, program and project management assistance for the delivery of capital programs, 

Selamina Engineering and Process Control Consulting Team can engage:SELAMINA ENGINEERING MEDIA

    • Process Engineering Design
    • Process Control Studies
    • Field Sensors and Protective Devices
    • Plant Improvement Evaluations
    • Conceptual and Detailed Design
  • Operations Analysis and Planning, Process Review Assistance and Equipment Selection Assistance
  • Materials Storage Optimization and Cost-Effective Design Solutions
  • Plant Layout and Environmental Controls

 Selamina Construction Management Team gives assistance :SELAMINA CONSTRUCTION MEDIA

    • Design studies, Design and construction analysis and 
  • Construction process followups, time and crew scheduling
  • Environmental Emissions Assessment
  • Development of Control Strategies
  • Waste and Contaminated Water Treatment


Selamina Procurement Management Consulting Team:SELAMINA PROCUREMENT MEDIA

  • Project Engineering Solutions
  • Vender and Buyer Contractors
  • Delivery followups and  Construction Management
  • Site Advisory Services
  • Bid Package Preparation & Evaluation
  • Equipment Procurement and Expediting
  • Logistics and Inspections


 Selamina Asset Management Consulting Team:ASSETS MANAGEMENT MEDIA

  • Requirements analysis and evaluation against current asset portfolio
  • Risk assessments for capital programs and operating environments
  • ISO55000 maturity assessments and improvement roadmaps
  • Asset performance measurement, data analytics and data maturity assessments
  • Probabilistic Risk assessment
  • Strategic asset management planning and management system design
  • Decision frameworks for asset and value management
  • Capital program planning
  • Asset operating model reforms


  • Business cases development focusing on the total value and the link to organisational objectives
  • Requirements development and trade-off analysis to manage future risk
  • Scenario and operational modelling
  • Enterprise asset management system and asset information quality improvements 
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Maintenance strategy development via RCM and other techniques
  • Process redesign to maximise value and eliminate inefficiency
  • Change Management and Process Improvement
  • Process and Operational Excellence